Maruti Air Courier and Cargo Pvt Ltd has been highly acclaimed across industry for establishing one of India's fastest growing 'Franchisee Business Model'. Maruti Air courier and Cargo Pvt Ltd, in turn, confers credit to the franchise concept for its breakthrough in terms of coverage: its primary differentiator in the express courier market in India.

  • Assured returns on investment.
  • Instant access to a Network of 5400+ channel partners with 20+ years of success
  • Backing of a National Brand with strong goodwill in the market
  • A sustainable business model that allows you to grow continuously
  • Access to a holistic basket of products allowing you to cover all the end-to-end needs of clients
  • Availability of Premium Products, which are Best-in-Class in terms of yield and service levels
  • Opportunity to diversify, along with the company, into various arenas of Consumer Service-Oriented Businesses – which is the fastest growing industry segment in India
Additional support
  • System & procedures, which can be taught, replicated and delivered profitably.
  • Access to continuous research and new product development
  • IT support
  • Marketing and Promotional advice
  • Management and Business planning
  • Strong Operational support
  • Standard Uniform Policy.

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