Salient Features

Features of our Network

  • Precision Planning, Meticulous execution resulted in establishing more than more than 250 branches/offices in all major cities of India from which we cater to over 750 domestic destinations.
  • Rates are most economical and competitive.
  • Different Contracts to choose by clients depending upon the number of documents per month.
  • Special arrangements exist for SAME DAY / SPECIFIC TIME / SUNDAY / DELIVERY.
  • Personalised dedicated Internet Server equipped with lease-line internet connectivity to provide real time document tracking within 30 Minutes of document booking.
  • Everyday document booking report by email to contract party.
  • Delivery proof scan copy (D.R.S. Copy) by email on request.
  • Monthly billing by email for contract party on request.
  • Online Tracking of document with specific date and time.
  • Our Timely, on the dot collections ! Attending pick up calls irrespective of quantity without any additional charges. Our service is 100% confidential at all times.
  • Bulk quantity from anywhere in India can be arrange for bulk delivery across India.
  • Everyday document booking report by email to contract party.
  • Returned documents due to lapses on our part will be rebooked with no extra cost.
  • In special case we can arrange proof of delivery of individual document given to us within two / three days after delivery.
  • Dropping of Intimation Slip at Consignee’s premises for collection of documents from the nearest Service Centre, where the document could not be delivered for any reason during our Delivery Boy Visit. Second attempt for delivery is made on the next day if the first attempt failed.
  • Management takes care and is concerned about employees to boost their morale and efficiency. Our staff are well train, who are courteous and eagar to be of service.