Why Us

Why Choose Us?

  • We sincerely believe that a Company is only as good as the Customer Service they offer.Dropping of Intimation Slip at Consignee’s premises for collection of documents from the nearest Service Centre, where the document could not be delivered for any reason during our Delivery Boy Visit. Second attempt for delivery is made on the next day if the first attempt failed.
  • Our goal is to provide the most reliable, professional delivery of time sensitive materials and services to our customers. We realize you have a choice in providers and want to do everything possible to ensure 100% satisfaction with Maruti Air Courier & Cargo Pvt.Ltd.


  • Here we have taken careful consideration to ensure our clients of competitive rates for both local and distant delivery services. We are eager to work with you within your budget.
  • At times, things do not go according to plan. There can be delays in Collection and/or Deliveries. Our job is to minimize the damage due to these occurrences. We offer parcel drop-off facilities for almost all of our services along with parcel pickup-facilities as well from your local depot.


  • Our Terms and Conditions are drafted in an easy to understand, Jargon-Free manner. We clearly state all good-to-know important things on there so you are fully aware of what you are agreeing to when you use our services and there are no surprises later on after you have bought a delivery service. We don't hide behind complicated legal terms.